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Globe G-Xtreme Turnout Trouser - BRAND NEW - 44 x 28

Manufactured Date: October 2014


We are not able to accept online payments. Please contact our Main Office or Mid-State office by phone to complete your purchase.

Globe G-Xtreme Turnout Trouser - 44 x 28

  • This trouser is brand new out of the box.

    *Sizing is accurate on this description. Please send message if you'd like more pictures of gear or have any questions.


    G-Xtreme Gold Advance Trouser with Aralite SL2 Thermal Liner, Stedair 3000 Moisture Barrier, L/Y Triple Trim, Grey Arashield Knees, Silizone Padded Knees, Grey Arasheild Cuffs, Size: 44x28

    Color: DKG

    Size: 42 x 28

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