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Emergency Vehicle Specialist

Ryan Emmerson is our Emergency Vehicle Specialist for Fire Apparatus sales. He currently resides in Noblesville, IN where he has served as a career firefighter on Noblesville Fire Department for the past 16 years. Before joining the HFE team, Ryan did design and specs for Noblesville Fire for 3 years and worked with Hoosier Fire as a customer. He has enjoyed making the move to this side and likes that each truck is different and enjoys seeing how each little change can help every department. Some departments are very basic and some think way outside the box.  It's interesting to see how it works for each of them. When Ryan isn't working, he enjoys spending time with his kids who are all very active in sports and school and he loves being able to support them in all of the events they have. He also loves to be outside, in the yard working or doing woodworking. Ryan is your go to guy for information on a specific fire apparatus, drawing and questions of any type.
Contact Ryan today for any of your fire apparatus needs! 

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