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Truck Chassis Service

Fire Trucks are becoming very complicated beasts with the advent of computerized pump controls, EPA regulations, multiplexing of the electrical system, and new collision safety features, as just a few examples. At HFE, we understand the interface of the "truck" and the "fire fighting" parts of the apparatus. We also endeavor to stay on top of the latest manufacturers' recommendations for regular maintenance intervals and lubrication specifications. We appreciate the fact that this not just another "truck" in for a "lube job." 


Annual Pump Test

What kind of shape is the heart of the department in? Will it deliver the big water needed at the next extraordinary fire? An annual pump test is the stress test for the heart of the department, and is also worth points on the ISO rating. Pump testing, along with our chassis and pump PM programs, will give you reasonable assurance that the "heart" will perform at its best, when you need it the most. 

Scott S.C.B.A

Testing & Repair

OSHA and NFPA required annual flow testing can be performed in our shops, or at your fire station, by our Scott Health & Safety certified technicians. A large inventory of spare parts is maintained for most common repairs. 

Pump Preventative Maintenance

At the heart of all fire departments is the pumper fire apparatus. Will the pump perform as expected on the next fire? Our pump preventative maintenance service is based on the recommendations of the major pump manufacturers. All valves, including the drains, are checked for proper operation. Pump transmission oil is changed, and drive systems are lubricated. Packing is adjusted as necessary, and a vacuum test is performed. A written report of the inspection and service is provided upon completion. 


Accessory Installation

Need an extra shelf in a compartment? Maybe a new electrical cord reel would make that rescue last night a little faster. How about relieving the load on your electrical system with some new LED lights? We have an excellent fabricator on staff for any custom made sheet metal work that you may require. We can also do up-fitting conversions for command vehicles, paramedic units, and custom wild land fire fighting vehicles.

Breathing Air

Compressor Service

While specialized in Scott Breathing Air Systems, our trained technicians are capable of servicing most major brands of high pressure breathing air compressors. NFPA required air sample testing, periodic maintenance, and most repairs can be accomplished at your facility. 

Amkus Rescue

Tool Maintenance

In the haste of attempting to free unfortunate victims from entrapment, rescue tools may be abused or asked to do more than the intended purpose. To protect your investment and guarantee "run ready" performance, it is recommended that your Amkus rescue equipment be thoroughly inspected and serviced annually. Our Amkus certified technicians are available to perform complete system maintenance at your facility. 

Cylinder Hydro-Testing

Are your SCBA, SCUBA, or cascade cylinders due for a 3 or 5 year hydro-test? Our Valparaiso shop is a certified D.O.T. cylinder hydro-test facility. Give us a call and let us help you make arrangements to have your cylinder inventory hydro-tested and inspected, with minimal disruption to your operations. 


Waterous Gold Level Factory Trained Service Center

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